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Planned Parenthood Hurting Women With Home Abortions

A new report recently highlighted at indicates Planned Parenthood is increasingly relying on the dangerous mifepristone (RU 486) abortion drug. Now, a pro-life group is accusing the abortion business of putting women at risk by more frequently …

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College buckles under pressure - lifts ban on pro-life students

CLAREMONT, March 12, 2009—Pomona College banned two pro-life students from campus last week after they videotaped the question-and-answer session during a Planned Parenthood representative’s talk and asked the representative tough questions about recent Planned Parenthood scandals. Pomona rescinded …

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Planned Parenthood of Arizona unapologetic for cover-up

LOS ANGELES, February 11, 2009 -- The student-led nonprofit, Live Action, has provided the full, unedited footage from a recent investigation of a Tucson Planned Parenthood clinic to the offices of the Arizona Attorney G…

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Planned Parenthood Ignores Requests for Records

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14 -- Live Action releases the complete footage it shot at an Indianapolis Planned Parenthood showing clinic employees covering up the reported statutory rape of a 13-year-old. The group releases the unedited footage to show the story in real time, as clinic employees met the UCLA …

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Orange County considers funding pro-life clinics

After voting to suspend an Orange County education contract with Planned Parenthood because the organization performs abortions, a county supervisor is considering whether the money should go instead to a group that describes itself as a "pro-life ministry" and uses ultrasound viewings and biblical …

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Pro-Life Republicans Still Smarting From Steele's Comments

The comments national Republican Party chairman made to a magazine that made it seem like he was watering down his pro-life views are still causing heartburn for pro-life advocates. Steele made it appear he supported abortion and backed overturning …

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Obama Denies Negative Effects of Abortion at UN Meeting

The Obama administration has been pushing the pro-abortion agenda all week at the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) meeting at the United Nations. During the forum, a representative of President Barack Obama denied that abortion causes …

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Planned Parenthood Allows Infanticide After Failed Abortions

A national pro-life group for college students has released footage of an undercover video taken last year showing a Planned Parenthood staff member telling a pregnant woman than babies are left to die after induced labor abortions where the baby survives …

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Major pro-life group to target members of Congress

One of the leading pro-life groups involved in political activities has launched a new campaign to target abortion advocates in the 2010 election. The Susan B. Anthony List has hired a former member of Congress to head the campaign to take back Congress …

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Stimulus has birth control bailout for Planned Parenthood

The so-called economic stimulus bill the Senate approved on Tuesday contains a bailout package for Planned Parenthood that will give the abortion giant the ability to make hundreds of millions of dollars selling birth control at an inflated rate.


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