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Stimulus has birth control bailout for Planned Parenthood

The so-called economic stimulus bill the Senate approved on Tuesday contains a bailout package for Planned Parenthood that will give the abortion giant the ability to make hundreds of millions of dollars selling birth control at an inflated rate.

Specifically, a provision buried deep in the legislation fixes a "legislative error" that Planned Parenthood claims raised the price of birth control.

The error is a loophole President Bush removed that prevents the abortion business from purchasing birth control pills from pharmaceutical firms at a discounted rate and selling them to some women at highly-inflated prices.

Naturally, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards was elated by the news.

"We finally did it. It wasn't easy, but after two long years of working with Congress, I'm happy to report [the provision was included]," Richards told supporters in an email.

Richards made the provision appear as if it inflated the price of birth control for women even though the lack of the provision merely failed to give Planned Parenthood the ability to make an incredible profit on selling birth contorl drugs.

Planned Parenthood emailed its supporters on the so-called error before and claimed college students need the funding because they're supposedly choosing between birth control and groceries.

"Birth control pills or dinner? Pills or a tank of gas? That's the decision college students and low-income women are facing around the country," Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards says.

But Wendy Wright, the president of Concerned Women for America, told that Planned Parenthood painted a false picture.

“If it is truly a choice between groceries and birth control pills, then many women will make the responsible choice to not engage in sexual activity – an overall healthier decision," she said. "Women will not only not get pregnant, they won't be at risk of sexually-transmitted diseases and emotional entanglements."

Wright pointed out that Planned Parenthood gets hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal and state governments.

She said the abortion business, which posted over $1 billion in income in its last fiscal year report, should pay for the birth control itself for these women in supposedly dire situations.

“Planned Parenthood could dip into its swollen bank accounts to subsidize the birth control pills," she said.

Wright also noted that Planned Parenthood puts a huge markup on the cost of birth control pills, so much so that it caused controversy in California.

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